ART Innsbruck 2015 – the most important in brief


70 galleries and art dealers from 10 nations present international fine art and antiques of the 19th, 20th and 21st century - as unique pieces and/or editions - paintings, works on paper, multiples, original graphics, sculptures, objects/installations, artist books, photography, new media, porcelain, glass, tin, bronze, toys, furniture, rugs, silver, jewellery, watches

Be a part of it again, when the ART Innsbruck is held for 20th time in 2016 in the fair halls Innsbruck.
Exhibitors need to meet a deadline: Use this application form until 31st October 2015. After this point a waiting list will be created. Only seventy exhibitors are allowed - a jury will prove, which exhibitors are allowed at the fair.
You will find detailed information about 2016 around June 2015.

For visitors applies: Organize your accomodation in Innsbruck already in time!

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Opening hours 2015:

19th February 2015: 17:30 preview | 19:30 Uhr official opening - by invitation only!

20th February 2015: 11 - 20

21st February 2015: 11 - 20

22nd February 2015: 11 - 20

23rd February 2015: 11 - 19

Fair Innsbruck Organizer and Fair Information:
NEW! Fair hall A Headquarter ART Innsbruck
Main entrance East, Claudiastr. 1 Tel. +43 (0)512 567101
A-6020 Innsbruck E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fairground Innsbruck  
Ticket prices:
Preview: 35 Euro
All Day Ticket: 11 Euro
Discounted Ticket:
9 Euro for students, Ö1 Club,
pensioners, trainees
Partnerticket: 18 Euro - valid for a couple
Two Day Ticket: 18 Euro
ART - Package: 18 Euro - All Day Ticket + Exhibition Catalogue
Discounted ART -Package:
9 Euro - All Day Ticket + Exhibition Catalogue
with Austrian Airlines bording ticket
Season Ticket (all 4 fair days):
ART Pin - life-long free ViP
35 Euro
100 Euro
School Parties:                                               2 Euro each child - in classes,
                                              teacher free, advanced reservation
Exhibition Catalogue:                                     10 Euro


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ART Innsbruck 2015 from 20th - 23rd february (Information 2016 will be Online June 15...)

I Exhibitor documents:

You would like to appear as an exhibitor at the ART Innsbruck? Please download the required information and the application form in PDF version.
We will be pleased to send you the exhibitor documents via Fax or postal way - please fill in the required required fields of the request form.

You will be able to print the current exhibitor's documents (2015) at 28th April 2014 here in PDF version.

Yes, please send me the documents (request form)

II Fair service guide for registered exhibitors:

You are already registered as an exhibitor of the ART Innsbruck 2015? Please download the service guide for the fair at autumn 2014 here as PDF.
It includes all important information and contact details for additional orders, design of your booth, construction and dismantling, transport and service partners, etc.

We will be pleased to send you the service guide via Fax or postal way - please fill in the required required fields of the

  • Serviceguide
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Images of ART Innsbruck 2015

Thursday, 19th February 2015

17:30: Preview of the 19th ART Innsbruck
Words of welcome: Johanna Penz, Directress of ART Innsbruck
Opening adress: counciler Komm.Rätin Patrizia Zoller Frischauf
Closed Event – Only with Invitation

19:30: Official Opening of the 19th ART Innsbruck
Words of welcome: Johanna Penz, Directress of ART Innsbruck
Opening adress: Counciler for education and culture Mrs. Dir. Mag. Dr. Beate Palfrader official representor of the governor Günter Platter
Closed Event – Only with Invitation

Musical attendance through the evening: Boogie Woogie with Roberth Roth at the Piano
Openingdress: MANUFAKTUR HERZBLUT Markus Spatzier, Schwaz/Tirol, Stand H/16

18:00: Musical-Performance „MAPS & MIRRORS a dialogue on two pianos2
A new performance – Music by Norbert Zehm & Karen Schlimp
Special: Philip Flood, Visual Art: Barbara Sepp & Roland Schrettl
Location: Forum OG 3rd floor, available through the Foyer of the fair hall A. Attention! Please bring your invitation to entry to the concert or the invitation to the Preview of the ART Innsbruck.

Friday, 20th February 2015

18.00 Podium discussion of Chaine des Rotisseurs – Bailliage Tyrol at the Lounge of the special exhibition Francis Bacon, fair hall A, +, Stand D/07

Saturday, 21st February 2015

15.00 Book presentation „The art market-formula“ by writer Mag. Hubert Thurnhofer, Wien - Philosopher, Gallery owner, President of IG Galleries Wien report professional and at the same time amusing about, what you always wanted to know about art.
The book is about gallery owner and art agents, as well as about artists and art collectors. A critic analyse of the game rules of the art market and the instruments of rating art works.
Location: Forum fair hall A, 3rd floor, Entry through the Foyer of the ART Innsbruck.
Free Entry – but Attention! Please bring your invitation or day ticket to admission at the entrance.
Registration and inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more Information please click on this Link.

14.00 – 16.00 Radio U1 Tirol Liveshow with Interviews of exhibit Gallery owner and artists by Moderator Sunny Rabl

17.00 Introduction to the Exhibition and expert presentations at the special exhibition Francis Bacon Greetings: i.a. by Prof. Umberto Guerini, President of the Bacon Drawings-Foundation Milano, Prof. Maurizio Seracini, Cristiano Lovatello Ravarino and owner of the 500 works comprehensive collection of the Francis Bacon-Drawings. Stand D/07

at all fair days:
• ART-Wine-Tasting of the winery Roch, North Austria, at the stand H/01
• ART@WORK audience-interaction at the Gallery artroom21, Stand C/10: Artist Walter Dorsch with Bronze figures and short film „revolution: just revolving“.
• Visitor tours daily 15:00 and 18:00, Monday only 15:00, meeting point fair information at the Foyer


  • Special Exhibition I

    Exhibition-Sequel - Personal "Vladimir Valentsov – Art without limits
    sponsored by M.Video, Moscow

    Regardless of the political conflict between Europe and Russia, the Moscow-resident painter Vladimir Valentsov will be represented from 20 to 23 February 2015 at the 19th ART Innsbruck with a special presentation of his unique neo-Impressionist paintings.

    At the ART Innsbruck 2013, the Russian neo-impressionist Vladimir Valentsov got presented for the first time. 2014 the Tyrol-lover impressed with his series of landscape paintings, that got created the year before in St. Anton am Arlberg and in Mutters, when he came back just a few month after his Austria premiere 2013 to catch the colour and light impressions of the late summer.

    According to statement it’s very important for him, to stay in contact with his audience in the west and in Tyrol. “In my artwork, I have always tried to depict and express the things which move and touch us all in those moments of tranquillity and reflection: this sometimes incredulous wonder at what it means to be alive, the desire for peace and harmony,” Valentsov says. It is important to him as an artist to take a stance with his works right now.

    "Vladimir Valentsov remains loyal to ART Innsbruck"
    "Painting without Borders"
    "Stop a moment"

    Vladimir Valentsov, Camping.Appeasement.Italy, (Cutted), Öl a.Leinw., 38x80cm, Special Exhibition M.Video   Vladimir Valentsov, Sankt Anton a.Arlberg.Winter (Cutted), 2013, Öl a.Leinw., 40x63cm, Special Exhibition M.Video


  • Special Exhibition II

    “Live-Performance FRANCIS BACON Drawings & Wilhelm Senoner Sculptures”
    Curated world class special exhibition at the ART Innsbruck 2015

    This special exhibition applies as highlight of the ART Innsbruck 2015 and gets realized as a common project by Milionart Innsbruck/ART Innsbruck in direct collaboration with the Bacon Foundation. The responsible experts will be available at the fair for questions of the interested collectors.

    From Francis Bacon, one of the most significant and top-sold objective painters of the 20th century, will be 12 drawings and pastels exclusively presented at the 19th ART Innsbruck 2015 in direct collaboration with the Bacon-Foundation, where the exceptional artist deals especially with the human body.

    As charming counterpoint will be a view Sculptures of the international recognized artist from South Tyrol Wilhelm Senoner presented. 

    The area of conflict of the extravagant contemporary sculptures in conflict with the fascinating works of Francis Bacon is the formula for a unique art experience at the ART Innsbruck 2015.

    Francis Bacon, Crucifixion, 1980-1992, Pastell, Milionart Innsbruck-A   Francis Bacon, Sitting Person , 1980-1992pencil drawing, 100x150 cm, Milionart Innsbruck-A   Francis Bacon, Sitting Person II , 1980-1992pencil drawing, 100x150 cm, Milionart Innsbruck-A   Senoner Wilhelm, Rücken an Rücken, 2014, Lindenholz, 2,30 hoch, Milionart Innsbruck-A


  • Special Exhibition

    “Current and modern art with positions of the international fantastic realism”
    Curated and composed by Gallery Dikmayer Berlin Mitte

    Looking back to the ART Innsbruck of the last years, where the issue “trend to return to the fantastic realism” and “the next generation”, got picked up for the first time, will be continued also this year.

    The Gallery Dikmayer Berlin Mitte presents themselves under the motto current and modern art with positions of the international fantastic realism and stays loyal to his line. At the ART Innsbruck this year will be shown amongst others works from Thorsten Gebhardt, Bernd Schiller and Georg Buhl.

    Buhl Georg, Arche, 2014, Öl a.Leinw., 120x120cm, Galerie Dikmayer, Berlin-Mitte-D Buhl Georg, osama reloaded, 2014, Öl a.Leinw., 120x100cm, Galerie Dikmayer, Berlin-D Gebhardt Torsten, Halleluja, 2014, Öl a.Leinw., 150x200 cm, Galerie Dikmayer Berlin-D

ART Innsbruck erhält den Gold Cippy Award

Südtiroler Online-Publikumspreis geht an Kunstmesse

Die ART Innsbruck unter Messe-Chefin Johanna Penz konnte für das Plakat der 19. Auflage der ART Innsbruck 2015 auf der online-Plattform Cippy von firstavenue Bozen die meisten Publikumsstimmen für sich einheimsen und wurde somit im Februar 2015 mit dem Gold Cippy Award ausgezeichnet.
In die Auszeichnung eingeschlossen wird die mit dem Entwurf aller Werbemittel der ART Innsbruck und deren CI betraute Grafikerin Andrea Pancheri Herneggerdruck Innsbruck. Die Übergabe des Gold Cippy Award erolgte im artroom21, Gutenbergstraße 3, Innsbruck.

Johanna Penz zur Verleihung: "Ich freue mich riesig über die Auszeichnung und sehe sie als verdiente Anerkennung unseres konsequenten Markenaufbaues über viele Jahre! Danke allen ART Innsbruck-Fans, die für uns gestimmt haben und unserer Grafikerin Andrea Pancheri von HERNEGGERDRUCK, die den professionellen Entwurf geliefert hat! Der Gold Cippy Award wird einen Ehrenplatz im ART-Büro erhalten - wegweisend für das bevorstehende 20-Jahr-Jubiläum der ART Innsbruck im Jänner 2016."

Der Onlinedienst Cippy gilt als Markführer der Südtiroler out-of-home-Medien und ermöglicht es, klassische Werbekampagnen wie Printanzeigen, Plakate, redaktionelle Inhalte usw. online zu verlängern und dadurch erheblichen Mehrwert in einer sehr breiten Zielgruppencommunity zu lukriieren. Die ART Innsbruck wird zukünftig verstärkt auf diese smarte Art der Kommunikation setzen, um ihre Botschaft und ihr Programm an zeitgenössischer Kunst & Antiquitäten einem noch größeren Kreis an Kunstliebhabern und –sammlern generationenübergreifend und topaktuell zukommen zu lassen. Die Art Innsbruck war bereits Preisträgerin des Kunstmediators 2009 und für den Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2013 und den "MAECENAS" 2014 nominiert.


Der Gold Cippy Award

Übergabe des Gold Cippy Awards - Herr Andreas Heyer und Frau Pancheri Andrea

Übergabe des Gold Cippy Awards - Herr Andreas Heyer und Frau Dir. Johanna Penz

Übergabe des Gold Cippy Awards - Frau Andrea Pancheri, Herr Andreas Heyer und Dir. Johanna Penz

Die Preisträgerinnen - Andrea Pancheri und Dir. Johanna Penz

Gold Cippy Award Preisträgerin ART Direktorin Johanna Penz